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The fall of knitted fabrics and more popular
Recently, China textile city traditional market many varieties of selling knitted fabrics in autumn. Nylon knitted Roman bout black jersey fabric local
stores, there are still a large batch delivery, counterpart clothing manufacturers procurement business orders increase. 40S knitted nylon fabric of
Rome black Ze local stores have bout vehicle delivery, Shandong Qingdao, Jimo is the vehicle delivery. Polyamide / cotton knitted Roman cloth,
polyester and nylon knitted Roman bout black Ze fabric of the Department's Bureau of city delivery batch also relatively large, Qingdao, Shandong,
Jimo, there are still a large batch delivery. Autumn polyester twisted knitted Roman cloth 420 grams / square meters, t / R knitting Rome cloth 280
grams / square metre black Ze fabric of local popular, local stores also shipped in small quantities.
30S T/C 30S, selling cotton polyester knitted sweater, double wincey grey flannel fabric when local color. The kind of hemp grey jersey fabric
positive to the performance of the rib knit organization, back to the white fleece mainly, weaving style distinctive. The Bureau of city delivery
vehicle with fabric. 30s cotton, t / C polyester cotton 30s rib knit cotton cloth, rib knit sweater bout black jersey fabric of the Department's
Bureau of city delivery volume increase, Zhejiang Yiwu local stores still vehicle delivery, ramie grey fabric color local transactions batch is
also relatively large.
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